new office – we offer space for creative work

Angelica Filippi

Head of Communications

medignition AG


In the run-up to its 15th anniversary, medignition AG moved within Zurich from Verena Conzett-Strasse to Engelstrasse this spring. The generosity of the new premises inspires to spin new ideas, while a quiet working atmosphere provides for undisturbed thought processes.

At medignition AG, ideas are turned into novel digital products and start-up companies that rethink healthcare. To foster the innovation process, space for creative work is indispensable for our employees. But how do you create such a space? For us, space for creativity arises in an inspiring environment. And we have accomplished such an environment with our new office at Engelstrasse 6, in the vibrant Kreis 4 district of Zurich.

A large, open space inspires free thinking. Additional impulses are provided by carefully selected paintings and art objects that speak to the viewer and tell stories. The kitchen area and two additional glazed rooms serve as meeting zones that stimulate personal exchange. On sunny days, conversations are often moved to the spacious terraces on both sides of the building.

When implementing our ideas, we appreciate a calm working atmosphere in the open space. Here, our employees can focus on working on new digital products and the further development of our existing projects. Light sources and blinds that can be controlled via a mobile app enable optimal lighting conditions, while the design of the workstations ensures maximum flexibility: everyone can sit where he or she feels most comfortable.

With its parks, numerous restaurants and cultural highlights, Kreis 4 offers many opportunities to gain new experiences while learning about Zurich's history – an ideal environment for medignition. Its proximity to Zurich's main train station, makes the office also easy to reach from anywhere.

Come by and honor us with a personal visit. We would be happy to give you a tour of the new premises. Until then, our video will give you a small, virtual foretaste of what you can expect from our new office.